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FAQ/fumigation preparation.


If your home is about to be fumigated by Bingham’s Professional team, take these steps to ensure a safe and efficient fumigation for your home or business:


1. All items for human consumption such as foods, beverages, drugs, and medicines that are not in factory sealed airtight containers such as sealed glass or metal containers must be removed from the structure prior to fumigation. This includes items in the refrigerator and freezer.


2. All living plants and animals must be removed.


3. All pilot lights must be extinguished. Make arrangement with your gas supplier to turn off or turn on your gas.


4. All heating elements must be unplugged (pianos, organs). Unplug TV sets, computer equipment, turn off air conditioning units.


5. Baby crib mattresses must be removed. All other plastic coverings on mattresses and pillows must be removed. Any mattress that has a plastic covering must also be removed. Towels, linens, drapes, etc. are OK to stay. If you have any high density foam mattresses such as, but not limited to TempurPedic, posturepedic, or memory foam mattresses of any kind should be removed from the premises. If these types of mattresses are unable to be removed there could be delays in the aeration process requiring occupants to remain out longer than expected. Bingham’s assumes no liability for delays in the matter. Please be sure to tell your company representative if you have these items in your home.


6. In order to insure proper fumigation and aeration of your home; all cabinets, drawers, and closets must be open a minimum of 4 inches. Raise blinds, open drapes, and open attic access.


7. Outside – Any plants closet than 12 inches to the building or vines attached to the building must be moved. Shrubbery and tree branches may be damaged or burned. Cut back enough space to allow the tent to fall freely to the ground. Tree limbs over the roof must be trimmed back. Also, before fumigation, water heavily shrubs and plants, which are located alongside the structure. Any fences connected to structure will need to be removed by customer. Also, rake back mulch and rock 12” from the foundation to insure a proper seal. Bingham’s cannot be responsible for broken sprinklers, damaged or burned shrubbery, or damage to garden timbers or trellis work and fences. Any decks that are connected to the structure will need to be removed by the owner unless the deck is being covered by the tent. If Bingham’s has to remove any decking it will be at additional cost and the property owner will be responsible to replace said decking.Bingham’s cannot be responsible for corroded or poorly installed piping or other materials on the property.


8. Due to the type of work involved, it is necessary to work and walk on roof areas. Although caution is used, Bingham’s will not be responsible for damage to roof, cracked or broken tiles, gutters, solar heaters, skylights, phone lines, satellite dishes, antennae, cameras, or other equipment or items affixed to the exterior of the home. Mobile homes are subject to the same conditions regarding roof area.


NOTE: Tar should not be applied to roof for two weeks prior to fumigation, to allow adequate drying period.


9. Pool enclosure screens must be removed prior to fumigation unless previous arrangement have been made in writing.




The law requires that all buildings be locked during the fumigation. It is most important that you make key arrangements with the company representative prior to your fumigation date. Make sure you provide us with keys to any exterior access doors. Secondary locks will be places on exterior doors. Do not try to re-enter the building until these locks are removed and Clearance Notices placed on exterior doors. Any keyless lock systems must be disabled and keys to the property must be provided.


11. During the fumigation procedure and aeration period, the company will not be responsible for vandalism, theft, or breaking and entering. We inject a very active tear gas to discourage improper entry, however, if you are concerned, we recommend you obtain a watchman or guard during the fumigation procedure.


12. After the building has been aerated (by 5pm on the third business day), the company will post a “Safe for Occupancy” Clearance Notice, and at that time release the property to your care, custody, and responsibility.


13. Lower all awnings – since you know best how to operate them. COMPANY CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR AWNINGS.


14. We use fans and water during the fumigation and therefore need electricity and water to be turned on.


15. Grass may die about 18 inches from the building due to exposure to the gas. There is no known remedy to prevent this reaction.


16. When making tape and/or glue must be used, we cannot assume responsibility for paint lifting off when tape is removed or for stains from glue being used.




18. Bingham’s will not be responsible for any damages or extra expenses due to delays caused by inclement weather.


19. After the initial 3 day grace period, any deposit made will be non-refundable for any reason.


Tips on Preparing your home’s exterior

1. For the most efficient fumigation services, Bingham’s Professional Pest Management suggests removing or cutting back any plants and shrubs, and rake back gravel or mulch closer than 18 inches to the house.


This is necessary because of the tenting placed around your home or business. To minimize the escape of gas, the fumigator seals the tents directly to the ground with water- or sand-filled snakes. Any plants on the ground where the tent needs to be sealed will need to be removed. Awnings, trellises, or fences may also interfere with tenting. Bingham’s professional fumigator will work with you to decide what to do with these items before you fumigate your home.


2. Water plants, shrubs, and ground cover near your home the day before the fumigation to protect.


Prior to you successfull fumigation a Binghams Manager will visit you in your home to walk you through all of the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successfull fumigation.